Reasons why you should stick to the matcha tea

Matcha tea seems to be new somewhat, but the Japanese have been tapping from its unending benefits for centuries now. Matcha tea can be self-prepared as you can make your matcha tea at home with the right tools. Some avid tea researchers know that the health benefits which matcha tea powder offer as regards catechins and polyphenols can be compared with drinking ten glasses of the ordinary tea. And this is not far from the truth. Match tea is necessary for cleansing the body of toxins; it has a high amount of chlorophyll that acts as a good detoxifying agent. The chlorophyll present in this tea removes the chemical toxins and heavy metals in the body- this makes it an ideal drink for everyone both tea lovers and non-tea lovers. Also, the use of matcha tea offers high protection against oxidative damage. Matcha powder is rich in antioxidants; they work more efficiently because you are consuming the whole leaves and not just the extract. Therefore it offers much more health benefits than some other teas. Matcha can also increase your body’s rate of burning calories, otherwise known as thermogenesis. This ensures that you are on the right track with your weight loss mission without compromising your optimum health. Also, the matcha green tea powder works like the green tea except that it contains more caffeine. You may be surprised at the energy boost you get when you consume the matcha tea - this is what it is meant for. Likewise, its amino acid content makes it apt for alertness and consciousness, causing a drastic reduction in the nervous jitters. We offer kits, sets and other tools that let you brew the perfect matcha tea and enjoy the matcha tea benefits every time you have a drink. We know how important the matcha tea is to the everyday life, that is why we have stock only quality and beneficial matcha tea and useful tools for people who care about their health. With an array of unique and efficient accessories, we are poised to make every moment you take the matcha tea a swashbuckling one. Our handmade bamboo spoon is carefully carved from bamboo to help you transfer tea from its container to your cup or bowl for preparation. Also, the bamboo whisk which is hand-split from a piece of wood is designed to create the ideal level of froth when you mix the matcha tea with the hot water. The matcha whisk and spoon are also combined with other tea accessories to form the ceremony matcha tea set. We at 5 o'Clock can give you the best matcha tea and tools you’ll find hard to get elsewhere.